I would much rather have Cousins as the Broncos future QB

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wholesale nfl jerseys Because the middle class usually only has one type of investment. Retirement planning. Which for many are pretty low risk low reward investments. An authentic one this time not like the ones she and her mother Cheap Jerseys from china Cheap Jerseys from china, Minnie Pearl Thomas, who’s serving a life sentence in the same minimum security prison in Florida, had to craft with strips of tape on their prison issued garb as they gathered around the TV set to watch Broncos games.Smith was one of 46 non violent drug offenders whose sentences were cut by the president this week.”It was a blessing,” Thomas said.Thomas said he spoke again with his mother after signing his big deal that includes $43.5 million guaranteed and is the largest in franchise history and “she’s still happy she’s about to get out, she’s not worried about the contract.”Neither, it seems, is Thomas.Thomas said his mother’s big news made his big payday secondary. After all, he said he was prepared to play this season on the $12.823 million franchise tag if the sides didn’t reach a long term deal by the deadline Wednesday.”I was like, whatever’s going to happen, I’m still going to be playing here no matter what and if it had to go down to franchise, I would be in the same situation next year, trying to get the deal done,” he said.Although Thomas skipped the Broncos’ offseason program, he said he would have shown up for the start of training camp July 30 even without a long term deal. He didn’t want to miss any games or get off to a slow start like he did last year after missing the start of camp following the death of his fraternal grandmother.With financial security and his mother’s pending freedom, Thomas can focus on adjusting to new coach Gary Kubiak’s offense now.”I want to lead the league in yards and touchdowns, basically about everything a receiver can do,” he said wholesale nfl jerseys.